Scar Removal Creams and Solutions

The simplest, most effective day-night solution for treating scars.

Acne can leave unwanted scars behind which is why Scarology has built a solution that can help. We recommend using Scarology's Natural Fruit Acid Exfoliator in combination with the Ultimate Scar Removal Cream for maximum results. You can treat your acne scars, new or old, through a simple daily routine. It's never been easier or more affordable to renew your skin. Start using the brand that works.SaveSave

How Acne Scarring Occurs

Scarology Can Help

Normal Healthy Skin
Normal, Healthy skin
Acne Forming
Acne Forming

Alteration in hormones and sweating can lead to a change in the quality of oil in the skin. This change results in inflammation in the skin which causes acne.

Scarring Process
Scarring Process

Persistent acne, picking or ‘popping’ pimples and repetitive squeezing of the skin results in activation of the wound healing process which can lead to alterations in the skin and significant scarring. Acne scars are characterized as atrophic (ice pick, box car or rolling scars) or hypertrophic (raised, thickened and keloid like).

Applying Scarology's Fruit Exfoliator
Applying Scarology’s Fruit Exfoliator

Scarology’s scar therapy was designed to reduce the underlying inflammation and formation of granulation tissue which is responsible for acne scarring. Gentle exfoliation can remove old, dead skin cells from the scarred area encouraging new cell growth and scar fading.

Applying Scarology's Ultimate Scar Removal Cream
Applying Scarology’s Ultimate Scar Removal Cream

Applying the Ultimate Scar Removal Cream after exfoliation helps boost the immune system and reduce inflammation while hydrating all layers of the scar.

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