Eczema & Psoriasis - Ultimate Scar Healing Cream Large (30g)

Ultimate Scar Removal Cream Large (30g)

Eczema and psoriasis are frustrating skin disorders affecting over 30 million people in the US alone. Hundreds of prescription and over-the-counter therapies exist and numerous home remedies have been tried - which means there is no good, go-to therapy… UNTIL NOW.

Scarology’s ®proprietary scar cream blends active ingredients that have been shown to improve hydration and reduce inflammation of the skin, which is perfect for embarrassing eczema or psoriasis patches. Both occur in all age groups and Scarology® is safe to use on infants as well as sensitive skin.

Scarology® has improved itching and redness in cases where the harshest prescription medications have failed. Twice daily use is recommended until the irritated patch of skin has resolved.

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Scarology® vs a Leading Skin Care Brand

Scarology vs leading skin care brand

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