Ultimate Scar Removal Cream Large (30g)

Ultimate Scar Removal Cream Large (30g)

Boost Your Immune System, Reduce Inflammation and Hydrate.

The Ultimate Scar Removal Cream (30g) is a foundational step in Scarology’s healing system. As a part of your day and night routine, this solution was designed to help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation while hydrating all layers of the scar. In older scars, the Ultimate Scar Removal Cream may reach layers deep down and can soften the thick matrix with a scar to help relax the overlying scarred skin.

May reduce redness, hydrates and improves overall appearance of your scars

Can be used on any skin type and is suitable for both adults and children.

For best results, use Scarology’s Ultimate Scar Removal Cream Large (30g) as part of the Scarology 3-part healing system.
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Scarology® vs a Leading Skin Care Brand

Scarology vs leading skin care brand
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